faces-6Hard, hot day. 

 80-Roosevelt, WA We went to bed with a light rain and ominous thunder so when the rain started pouring down it had some hoping for a cooler day but it was just the sprinkler system. We decided to cross back into the Washington and follow that side of the Columbia Gorge. We will stay on here for the next 100 miles before going back south into Oregon.  We all rode hard to our destination, a riverside camp in Roosevelt, WA to avoid the having to do the climbs in triple digit temperatures and strong headwinds-but no luck. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We all dropped like lead weights into chairs as we arrived totally exhausted at the only store in the town of 79, a mini mart at the top of the campground road to recuperate from the ride. This store had a small cafe with surprisingly fabulous food so we ate both lunch and dinner here. For an unknown reason there was no water in the campground for flush toilets or showers. The pumps were locked so the river is what cooled and cleaned us off. The nearest town was 30 miles away so we stayed put and just sat around the campsite and went for swims in the Columbia. There were some windsurfers camping there also enjoying the high winds that we try to avoid. Here is Don on the hunt for hidden sprinklers and a boulder rolled down from the Glacial Floods.  FUDb-day.80xb-009 FUDb-day.80xb-004FUDb-day.80xb-011FUDb-day.80xb-012