We joined Barry and Scott in Walla Walla at Barry’s cousin Gayle’s house. This is clearly a home of 2 master landscapers who have created a work of art in their backyard. No, that is not a statue. It is Chuck & Gail’s dog.  FUDb-day.78-011FUDb-day.78-001FUDb-day.78-003FUDb-day.78-007FUDb-day.78-004 This is a very artsy town with a sense of humor. FUDb-day.78-012 Our timing was such that we were able to have dinner at the annual Rotary Indian Salmon Bake. Even in this blistering heat they diligently filleted the salmon, removed their backbones and placed them in the same structures that the local Indian tribes used to cook their fish. They then cooked them slowly over an alder wood fire and served them to hungry locals. The proceeds go towards local education. FUDb-day.78-015FUDb-day.78-016FUDb-day.78-019Tucker and Polaris got both fish skin and ice cream treats today.      dogs ice cream