We took a day off in order to doing laundry, catch up on electronics, running errands, eat and sleep. What made it most interesting was the trip to Missoula, MT to visit the Adventure Cycling Headquarters and to see the hand-made carousel in Caras Park. The 3-seater is for dad and two kid while the ring in the dragon’s nose is what everyone tries to grab in order to get a free ride on the carousel. photophoto(1)photo(3) We also wheedled our way into an invitation to a private party in celebration of the opening of the first Lolo Brew Pub. We all piled into the car to find our way there, only to find out it was directly across a side street a few hundred yards away. Montana is unique in that the ability to produce alcohol on site is much easier to obtain than getting a formal liquor license which is based on population and becomes available only rarely. To avoid having craft beer industry take away too much business from the taverns, there are very firm rules about how many beverages can be consumed in the “tasting rooms” that they are allowed to have (wine and hard-liquor have their own set of rules too). In a craft brewery, each person can have a maximum of 3 pints/day between the hours of 10:00-8:00. We Pennsylvania folk found these rules perplexing. While all the locals kept within their limits, we kept our eyes out for unused tickets and had a roaring good time until heading home promptly at 8pm. The fish embedded in the cement table is a bullfish and Scott even did his Laurel and Hardy imitation.  photo(7)FUDb-day.68b-006photo(2) FUDb-day.68b-012 photo(6)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAphoto(8)